Technician, Quality Assurance (Flexible Packaging)

Company Name:
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Our client is an ISO 9001:2008 Certified company that offers three separate product groups: Flexible Packaging, Coated Products, General Packaging
What is the overall purpose and objective of this position?

Provide technical assistance to manufacturing, Graphics and Research and Development.

List the major responsibilities of the job.

1. Responsible for verifying product compliance to customer and/or company specifications prior to shipment.
2. Documentation of findings, filing and maintenance of records.
3. Notification of discrepancies to appropriate person.
4. Assist Graphics by reviewing art before and after plate production.

Is this position closely, moderately, or minimally supervised?

Position requires minimal supervision.

Does this position have supervisory responsibility? If yes, please list the number and title for positions that directly or indirectly report this this position.


Describe the education, skills, experiences, and personal characteristics necessary for success in this position.

Five years experience in QA/QC functions in the converting industry.
Knowledge of statistics.
Must be familiar with physical testing equipment (tensile, tear, COF, micrometer, analytical balance).
Flexographic printing and color matching experience.
Computer literate.

Working Conditions and Physical Effort

Work is normally performed in a typical manufacturing environment and/or lab environment.
None or very limited physical effort required.
None or very limited exposure to physical risk.

Don't Be Fooled

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