Quality Inspector

The Quality Inspector checks the quality of the products that are running on the production line and inspects finished goods.
o Review the fill and assembly specification and the standard received from the Quality Supervisor
o Enforce Current Good Manufacturing Procedures (cGMP's) and company policies
o Verify components for accuracy according to the Bill of Material (BOM)
o Compare assembly with the standard on each production line
o Work with Line Leader and Mechanic to ensure that product meets specification
o Check the pull force of the cap using pull force gauge to determine whether the bottle was assembled correctly
o Verify that the product isn't leaking by testing a sample in the vacuum chamber every 30 minutes.
o Check quality of the crimp using test equipment to ensure that the bottle is sealed properly
o Randomly check samples from each pallet before pallet is removed from the production floor
o Approve pallets that meet all requirements using an RF scanner
o Collect customer samples and retain samples and label appropriately
o Complete the following forms:
Weight form (every hour), Pallet Inspection form (minimum 15 minutes to maximum 60 minutes for every pallet), First Article Inspection form (performed at beginning of the run or first thing in the morning), Component Verification Form, Vacuum, pull force, socoge, pump to prime form.
o Perform other duties as needed or assigned
o Bachelor's preferred
o 3 years' experience in the cosmetic, pharmaceutical or related industry in Quality Assurance / Quality Control.
o Ability to read, write and perform basic mathematical calculation
o Ability to use a counting scale and RF Scanner

Don't Be Fooled

The fraudster will send a check to the victim who has accepted a job. The check can be for multiple reasons such as signing bonus, supplies, etc. The victim will be instructed to deposit the check and use the money for any of these reasons and then instructed to send the remaining funds to the fraudster. The check will bounce and the victim is left responsible.